Evaluator Approval Information 

The IHSADA Executive Board is excited and pleased to inform you that the Iowa Department of Education has approved an Evaluator Approval Renewal Course specifically for Iowa Athletic/Activity Directors.  The Executive Board was hoping to use the state convention to make you aware of this opportunity but due to the COVID-19 circumstances we are utlizing electronic methods to provide you some of the details that may assist you in determining your future professional development learning.  There are additional details that will continue to be developed and will be communicated to you.  


“Evaluator Approval Course” Overview 


1) The AD Evaluator Approval Renewal course is exactly that, a renewal course. The initial Department of Education Evaluator Approval course must be taken first before the AD course can be taken. 

2) AD Evaluator Renewal Course will be a 1 hr CEU credit

3) The AD Evaluator Renewal course will consist of LTI courses 707 (6 hrs)  & 723 (6 hrs) and a workshop / panel discussion focusing on evaluation instruments and content based on DE guidance (2 hrs), and required assignment (1 hr). 

4) LTI courses will need to be completed on site. If an individual has already completed either or both courses they will need to complete the courses a second time on site. 

5) The first AD Evaluator Renewal Course will be offered at the IHSADA summer institute. Details in relation to registration, location, dates, and times will be forwarded to AD's via email and be placed on the IHSADA website once those details have been worked out. The evaluator renewal course will also be offered at the 2021 state convention. 

6) The AD Evaluator Renewal is for the evaluation approval of coaches ONLY. If an AD is also required by their district to evaluate classroom instruction then this renewal course WILL NOT meet evaluator approval renewal requirements. 

7) Registration cost has not yet been determined. 

8) Please direct any clarifying questions to Al Lammers at alammers@norwalk.k12.ia.us 


Special Note:  This is a significant milestone for the IHSADA since this is the culmination of over 2 years of work to get this approval.  Members of the Evaluator Approval Development Committee were:  Chairman Al Lammers (Norwalk), Bill Watson (Urbandale), Tom Lipovac (Perry), Brad Rose (Valley WDM), Jayson Campbell (SE Polk), Aaron Stecker (Cedar Rapids Kennedy), Scott Garvis (Ankeny Centennial), and Harley Schieffer (IHSADA Executive Director).  



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