NIAAA Spring Daytime Webinar Session Information 

Since there have been many cancellations of the State Conventions around the country along with cancelling the LTI Courses at those conventions, the NIAAA will be offering a series of LTI Classes via Webinars.  Here is a link to the NIAAA Daytime Webinars.  Brad Rose, of West Des Moines Valley, will be teaching 709 on March 31st.  This may be a great time to take a leadership course.  You may need your NIAAA Number to register and you can get that number by going to the NIAAA Member Portal.  Please understand that the webinar classes will not meet License Renewal Credit standards.  To earn a  License Renewal Credit, the course must have 15 hours of instruction time.  Taking a one or more of these webinar courses will not meet the 15 hours of instruction time standard. The Webinars will help you if you are attempting to gain RAA, RMAA, CAA, or CMAA certifications.

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