Pandemic Documents 

Here are some documents that can be used to help guide your thoughts and meetings as we transition back into school and activities. 

Here is a sample document to use to think about returning to play. 

Slide for Editing
Here is a Powerpoint slide that you can use to add your logo and edit for your school.
Pandemic Project GC Planning Template.pp[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [50.3 KB]
Pandemic Project Document
A document generated in Maine by Gary Stephens from the Pandemic Project meeting that Scott Garvis and Todd Gordon are sitting in on. This document is a good resource to work through as you return to play.
The Pandemic Project.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [103.2 KB]
NFHS Guidance on Opening Up High School Sports
Document from the NFHS on returning to play.
Adobe Acrobat document [377.1 KB]

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