Erin Kirtley of Panorama is Elected as 2nd VP

The Iowa High School Athletic Directors Association is proud to announce that Erin Kirtley, Athletic Director of Panorama Community Schools, has been elected 2nd Vice President of the Iowa High School Athletic Directors Association (IHSADA). 

The 2nd Vice President serves a three year term  She will move to the 1st Vice President in the 2021-2022 school year and become the 55th President of the IHSADA in the 2022-2023 school year.  Erin has an outstanding resume of accomplishments in her career in the athletic world.  Erin has been the Athletic Director/At Risk Coordinator at her school since 2013.  She is Certified Athletic Trainer.  Erin has been part of the leadership team in the Southwest Iowa Athletic Directors for the past five years and most recently has served as the Senior District Director for Southwest Iowa for the past two years.

March 30, 2020 Statwide AD Zoom Meeting Notes 


March 30, 2020

  1. Spring sports plans?
    1. Update on April 13 date & CDC update on 8 weeks
    2. President Trump extended ‘social distancing’ guidelines to April 30
    3. Todd and the IHSAA and IGHSAU said pay attention to Governor Reynolds press conferences over the next two days and the rest of this week
    4. Todd posed the question about 8 week CDC guidelines and if we go back to school, and that we may or may not be able to have sporting events still if we are back to school. We will have to wait on Governor Reynolds guidance on that, but she has been following the guidelines of the CDC.
    5. Hypothetical Scenario if Spring Sports were to extend two weeks: any possibilities - Zoom meeting between association/union and others on March 31, 2020. Will discuss different timelines.
      1. Will continue to share weekly updates, but will send update if they feel they have answers
    6. Nebraska is currently at May 1 - but currently has 21 schools not coming back this year
    7. IHSAA and IGHSAU is committed to having spring seasons championships as long as it is safe for students and fans
  2. Do we need to do anything new cleaning wise with venues?
    1. Pay attention to guidance from Dept. of Health
    2. Turf fields may need to be disinfected before use
  3. 30 Day Academic Eligibility?
    1. Will try to be flexible and as lenient as they can.
    2. IHSAA and IGHSAU has somewhat of a blueprint since the Dept of Ed has waived making up the 20 days of school missed in this 4 weeks
  4. How long will we have practice before competitions?
    1. Associations and Union have met via Zoom and will continue to, as well as with an advisory committee of coaches. They have gotten good feedback and all sports feel they could be able to start right away besides soccer who feels they need some time.
    2. They will continue to make contingency plans and let us know.
  5. What are you doing to stay in touch with coaches and athletes?
    1. Zoom online Head Coaches meetings to touch base with coaches and give them a chance to ask questions
    2. Chance for ADs and Coaches to share ways they are seeking professional development (3D coaching was shared)
    3. Encourage team zoom meetings; join these as ADs to help answer questions and share positive things with teams
    4. Free items online such as Jon Gordon's Positive Leadership Summit to share with coaches and students
    5. Online Student Zoom meeting to speak on leadership, adversity, etc. bringing back alumni to speak on
  6. Coaches Contact Rule
    1. Spring season can contact kids
    2. Summer sports - softball pitching unlimited but be careful with expectation
    3. Sending general information - ie general weight workouts, leadership, checking in, motivation, etc.
    4. Sending messages even if you aren’t in season: IHSAA and IGHSAU encourage this for the mental health of the athlete
    5. Access to facilities: are we required to shut down facilities? It is hard with small communities and the school being used by the community. The message still needs to be that coaches can NOT have contact with students right now.
      1. Important to follow city guidelines such as SBL when they closed access to parks
      2. Stress the most important thing, which is limiting the spread of the disease and that we keep people safe.
    6. Stressing human contact during adversity such as writing letters.
  7. Are coaches sending home workouts?
    1. Yes can send home workouts from strength and conditioning coaches
  8. If spring seasons are shut down how do you plan to get the message out? 
    1. Senior recognition
      1. Work on individually in your school; important to get kids input on this
      2. Possibly utilizing homecoming 2020 or first football game
      3. Zoom meeting
      4. Work with local media
      5. Social media cards
    2. Awards night
      1. Bernie Saggau Award presentation
      2. Other school related awards
      3. Spring sports schedules for next year if no spring sports? Same sites or flip/flop?
    3. Signing Day
      1. Social media cards, local media in paper, virtual signing day
  9. Scenario of Summer Sports if no remainder of the school year
    1. Depends on CDC and IDPH guidelines
    2. IHSAA and IGHSAU says if it is okay by CDC and IDPH guidelines and facilities are available they would have summer sports
    3. Need to think about summer camps, lessons, etc. that are in our facilities
  10. How are schools handling coaches contracts at the MS and HS level?
    1. All schools are paying
  11. How are we handling activity passes?
    1. Not many have really thought of this
    2. One school brought up the idea of refunding if people bought spring punch passes or passes for spring only
  12. Reminder to Vote for IHSADA 2nd VP - Open until 4:00 pm, Tuesday, March 31


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